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User Code of Conduct

Your Responsibilities

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- You are responsible for the security of your password.
- The parents or guardians of a minor are liable for the use of this site made by their child.

Code of Conduct

- You must be courteous towards other users of this site.
- You must not make any use of this site that is unlawful, harmful or of malicious intent. In particular, you must not post, transmit or share content that is defamatory, libelous, abusive, invasive of privacy, inciting hatred or discrimination, provocative, threatening, pornographic or intentionally hurting the sensitivity of others.
- is for personal use only. You must not use this site for advertising purposes or any other commercial use.
- enables its users to share recipes; you must respect this purpose and not divert from its use. For example, the use for SEO purposes, traffic acquisition or similar practices is strictly prohibited. Similarly, the publication of incomplete or incomprehensible recipes is prohibited.
- You must not transmit or make available viruses or other code that may damage computer equipment, software or data.
- You must not copy nor adapt content from this website without prior written authorization.
- You must not collect email addresses of other members of the website, nor send them any email for any commercial purposes, misleading or harmful intent.
- You must not pretend to be another person, use another persons' account, nor create multiple accounts.
- You must express and write your entries in a comprehensible manner that is understandable by everyone. SMS language is prohibited.
- You must comply with applicable laws, especially the laws on intellectual property.
- We cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or other damage: you use this service at your own risk.

Failure to comply may lead to the restriction of certain features, of your access, or to the deletion of your account and all associated data. We reserve the right to forbid or block the access to anybody without explaining why. Although prohibits bad conduct and the behaviors listed above, cannot be held responsible for non-compliance of some users with these rules.

Intellectual Property is a recipe sharing website whose content is entirely created by users. Each user is responsible for the content they publish on this platform, particularly regarding the respect of intellectual property. If you believe your intellectual property rights (or any similar right) is being infringed by contents displayed on this website, please contact us: Your application will be reviewed and, if applicable, litigious content will be removed.

Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property

Copyright laws protect the entire website including its visual identity, graphic design, logo, its layout, its structure, its texts and other elements.
Any total or partial reproduction or copying of this site on any medium whatsoever - and the use of its contents - for purposes other than private use is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from us.
The brand "" cannot be used, copied or imitated without our permission.

Information Collected and Protection of Privacy

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If during your use of this site you published information about yourself that you want to access, correct, amend or delete, you can either modify it yourself using your account or contact us.

Disclaimer of Liability

Any content or information displayed on this website are solely for information purposes only. We accept no responsibility or liability pertaining to the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability of any information contained in this website.

We will not be held liable for any content posted on the site by users:
- We cannot be held liable for recipes, photos, texts or other content posted by users. If any of these contents was reported to us as being in violation of copyright or any other applicable law, we will withdraw it from the site, but we cannot be held responsible for the infringement: users assume full responsibility for text and images they publish.
- We cannot be held responsible for the results and consequences of the recipes displayed on this site: each user is responsible for the use of these recipes and the consequences that may arise after consuming the product of these recipes.

In addition, the site may contain links to other websites owned and operated by third parties. Users follow these links at their own risk.

We may interrupt the access to all or part of the website temporarily for maintenance reasons, or permanently, without having to give notice. We accept no liability arising from any such interruptions or any obligation or responsibility to operate this website. None of these interruptions give the right for any compensation.

This website and its contents are provided without warranty of any kind: you agree to use this site and its contents at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the use of this site.

User Responsibility and Indemnity
You are solely responsible for your use of this site and its consequences. You agree to indemnify us and our associates, partners, customers, employees and directors for all the costs and expenses arising from any claim, complaint, court action or a claim for damages resulting from your use of this site and for any direct or indirect damage you cause us.

Posting Content

By posting or submitting content on this site, whether a recipe, an image, a text, a comment, a video, a vote, an idea or any other form of content:
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- You declare us as right owners and authorize us to defend these rights against unauthorized use without this constituting an obligation on our part.
- You guarantee you hold all the rights and permissions to undertake the above.
- You agree to indemnify us for any claim, action or demand, damages and interest resulting from such posting.

We reserve the right not to publish submitted content, delete it, or modify it at our sole discretion without needing to provide any justification or notice.
For example, any content that violates these terms of use or the spirit of the site, or is incomprehensible or illegible because of the language, grammar or spelling may be removed.

Protection of Minors

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