Cinnabon Cinammon Roll

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Time to prepare:

Time to cook:

Difficulty: Average

Ingredients (6 persons):

1 Cup of warm milk 2 Eggs 1/3 Cup or 75 grams of melted butter 4 Cups of flour Half cup of white sugar 2 Teaspoon of dry yeast 1 Cup brown sugar 2 Teaspoon of cinnamon powder Half a cup or 113 grams of softened butter Cream cheese frosting (optional)

How to prepare:

1. Dissolve the dry yeast in the warm milk. Then add egg one at a time. Pour in the melted butter, mix well. Add the sugar and flour. Mix gently until the texture becomes homogenous and sticky. Cover and keep in the fridge for about an hour to let it rise.

2. Dust your table with flour and with an aid of a rolling pin flatten your dough. You should be able to make a rectangular shaped dough with 16 X 21 inches size. The spread evenly your softened butter over the dough. In a bowl mix the brown sugar and cinnamon. Then sprinkle this mixture on top of your buttered dough.

3. Roll slowly and firmly the dough from one side to another side. Then cut them at your desired rolls with a help of a dental floss. Put the floss under the rolled dough, while holding each side of the thread on each of the opposite sides your hand, then pull it. This will give you a clean cut. You can have around 12 cinnamon rolls for this recipe.

4. Grease your baking pan. Then put your rolls on the pan. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees celsius and bake for about fifteen minutes.

5. You can eat it as it is or pour over a cream-cheese frosting on the top.

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