Laing (Taro leaves and stalks in coconut milk)

This laing version is a treasured recipe of my bicolano friend. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Time to prepare:

Time to cook:

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients (4 persons):

half a kilo of Gabi(taro) leaves (if they are too fresh you need to dry them up after tearing them)half a kilo of gabi stems (take off the skin with the aid of knife)milk from 2 coconut (if you cannot find fresh coconut you can replace it with one pack of coconut milk and one pack of coconut cream)2 pcs of dried fish (you can use bisugo or labahita) you can also use dilis about half a cup if you want1/4 kilo pork belly cut in cube4 cloves of garlic crushed1 onion sliced1 tbsp of grated gingersalt & pepper2 green chili pepper3-4 chilis

How to prepare:

1. Take a big casserole, it needs to be thick enough because this is a slow cooking dish.

2. Without turning on the heat yet: in this casserole you will assemble all the ingredients: starting with the pork belly at the bottom of the casserole, then put the garlic, onion and ginger. Then cover this with the gabi stem, then the gabi leaves.

3. Pour the coconut milk and cream (if you are using freshly squeezed coconut milk put everything). Lastly put the dried fish on the top and cover the casserole.

4. Put the casserole on fire and cook slowly for about an hour over low fire. Once you smelled that coconut milk has dried up and the scent of coconut oil is strong. Turn off the fire. Get the dried fish which is now soft and cooked, and start shreading them with your hand. Put back the fish meat (just the meat you can throw the head and fish bones).

5. And add the siling haba and cut siling labuyo. Stir your laing from bottom to top delicately. Stir them well until all the ingredients are well distributed. Cover it again. Laing gets better as day passed by. So better eat them the next day. That is if you have a fridge you can keep it. Or else invite your neighbor to eat it with you.

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Could you tell me why fresh Gavin leaves have to be dried out before cooking? Thanks


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