Pinay Charlotte

A refreshing dessert perfect for summer!

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Time to prepare:

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients (2 persons):

8 Pieces of broas1 Pack of chilled all purpose crea1 Cup of chilled coconut cream1/4 Cup of confectionary sugar1 Teaspoon of vanilla essence1 Tablespoon of gelatin powder dissolved in warm water (optional)Chopped fruits in season (mango, avocado, melon, strawberry)4 Tablespoons of mango jam

How to prepare:

1. Use a medium sized round mold (if not a ramekin or small glass will do) as the base of your charlotte.

2. In a bowl whip your all purpose cream together with the coconut cream. Add the sugar, vanilla and gelatin powder (optional).

3. Assemble your dessert: put the round mold as the base and put a little of cream at the bottom. Line the broas around. You will need to cut them if they are too high. The cream at the bottom will help you to make your broas stand firm on the round mold.

4. Scoop more cream inside it should fill about 3/4 the height of your broas. Then put a tablespoon of mango jam and top it with your chopped fruits. Refrigerate them.

5. Remove the ring mold once you are about to serve them.

Keywords: charlotte, easy dessert, fruits, mangoes

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It looks super good!

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MP Manacio

This is super good! Looks like a winning competition piece


Charlotte is originally a russian dessert but quite popular in France a bit like Italian Tiramisu but much lighter


By the way, I've never heard of this dessert before, until you shared it here! I really should try this soon!


Wow this looks lovely!!!! I want to try it out and I will!!


    • Recette de cuisine 5.00/5


    MP Manacio found it excellent!.

Thumbs up!

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