Halabos na Curacha

Are you familiar with Zamboanga’s famous curacha? Here's one way to cook this huge and brightly colored crustacean.

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This pink-red deep-sea crab is called curacha which is commonly found in Zamboanga. It is usually big and brightly colored and is also tasty and flavorful on its own. But here's a simple recipe that will surely bring out more of its natural flavor.

Simply place the curacha in a wide pan or wok. Add a little water and salt then cook until dry. Make sure you turn the crab once in a while.

*Halabos – to steam in salt and little or no water except that which clings to the crustaceans until dry. This is usually done for shrimps and crabs.

Recipe: Three Ways to Cook Zamboanga’s Famous Curacha


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It looks super good!

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Mercedita Gina Lapined Zacarias

Our favorite seafood ...curacha cooked as Halabos with Alabar sauce. So yummy , so meaty ...SABROSO

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