Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls

This dish is a cute visual aid to teach toddlers about the round shape

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Time to prepare:

Time to cook:

Difficulty: Average

Ingredients (3 persons):

Pasta wheels
Zucchini & Squash balls
BasilWith squash soup

Aglio olio Pasta wheels with zucchini and squash

1/2 cup Pasta wheels (around 100g)
10pcs Zucchini balls
10pcs Squash balls
*use a baller to form the balls. If no baller, you can make other shapes like cubes, circles or triangles. Leftover veg can be used to make soup.
1 clove garlic minced

How to prepare:

1. Boil & cook pasta, zucchini and squash separately and set aside.
2. Sautee garlic in a pan with oilive oil on low heat.
3. Add in zucchini and squash and mix a bit. Add in pasta last and mix all ingredients together.
4. Season to taste.

Squash soup:
1/2 White onion diced.
1-2 Cups squash (around 250 g) roughly chopped or you can use leftover squash. Small pieces dapat para mas madali lumambot.
Chicken stock

1. Sautee the onions with olive oil in a pan until translucent.
2. Put in the chopped squash and mix in with the onion.
3. Add in chicken stock and cover the squash. You can use water if you don’t have chicken stock.
4. Let it boil then reduce heat to a simmer. Cook until squash is very soft. Make sure there is still enough water covering the squash.
5. Pour into a blender and blend until smooth.
6. Transfer to a sauce pan or pot and turn heat to low. Adjust consistency with water or you can add cream.
7. Season with a pinch of nutmeg & cinnamon. A bit of salt is optional.

*If the soup turns out too thick you can add more water or you can also opt to mix it with the pasta like a sauce! My baby loved it!

Keywords: pasta, soup, squash, zucchini

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