Oatmeal and Choco chips Cookies

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Time to prepare:

Time to cook:

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients (4 persons):

2 Cups of flour Half a cup of oatmeal Quarter cup of white sugar Quarter cup of brown sugar A pinch of salt 70 Grams of butter 1 Egg 1 Teaspoon of baking powder 1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract 5 Tablespoons of chocolate chips

How to prepare:

This is very easy recipe to do and a healthy touch to your cookies!

1. Melt the butter in microwave. In a bowl, mix the butter, flour, oatmeal, sugar, salt and baking powder. Add the egg and the vanilla extract and continue mixing. If you find that the the mixture needs more flour you can add so or if it is too dry you can add a little bit of water. The cookie dough mixture should not be runny nor too dry.

2. Roll the dough and a make small round shaped about a size of tomato cherry balls. Flatten them on your baking wax sheet, giving enough distance to each cookie that will increase in size after cooking. YOu can add the chocolate chips on the top. Or other ingredients to your liking: raisins, nuts, etc.

3. Pre-heat the oven at 200° celsius and bake for 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

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